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Acumen Assessments provides a continuum of consultation and assessment services to medical and other professional organizations, such as hospitals, surgery centers, group practices, professional partnerships, and legal firms. We consult in the areas of individual executive performance, team processes and functioning, and organizational and systemic factors, including the following:

Medical and Professional Organizational Consultation:

  • Programmatic change processes and alignment of professional staff with corporate mission and strategic planning

  • Programmatic planning and development

  • Guidance around organizational culture shifts

  • Administration and staff collaboration and conflict resolution

  • Systemic communication challenges

In the process of organizational consulting, we evaluate organizational purpose and mission, in line with current opportunities and challenges. We help organizations and partnerships to think carefully about leadership, authority, responsibility, power, and duty/accountability issues. We evaluate processes related to decision-making and problem-solving, as well as the communication processes that are central to ongoing work and change. In this process, we help organizations examine their traditions, values, and culture as they impact the functioning of the organization and its units. 

Medical and Professional Team Consultations

  • Evaluation of partnership dynamics and related organizational issues

  • Evaluation of dysfunctional workgroups/practices and conflict resolution

  • Planning for optimal team collaboration and effectiveness

In working with teams, we evaluate the terms of the agreement to work as a team, including: primary tasks; purpose/function; capacities required of team members; communication, planning, and decision-making (both structure and process); accountability (the rights and responsibilities of team members); structural and procedural links to the organization and other teams/discipline groups; interpersonal processes/member characteristics; team culture, values, and traditions; and team performance evaluation/results tracking. The goal is to help teams and their leadership work effectively and efficiently, in line with the organization’s mission and strategic direction, as well as in a manner that is accountable to external stakeholders and regulatory requirements.

Medical and Professional Executive Leadership Consultations and Executive Selection Assessments

  • Executive selection assessments to ensure optimal staff and partner fit

  • Evaluation of leadership skills/deficits

These individual assessments aim to provide consultation in the areas of finding effective professionals who will be a good fit with the position, the team, and the culture, values, and direction of the organization, as well as to develop the individual’s effectiveness once they are in their position of responsibility and trust.

To learn more, please call our office at 785.856.8218 and arrange to speak with Dr. Graham about this service.

"If you define the problem correctly, you almost
have the solution." 

– Steve Jobs

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