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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When I call, can your administration staff set up an appointment or tell me when I can get in?"
    There are a couple of steps to getting scheduled. When you call our office, our administrative staff will ask a few questions and then arrange an appointment for you to speak with our clinical staff. The reason we do this is because we feel each assessment is unique, and want you to speak with someone who can directly answer your questions. We also want to get to know you and why you are being referred.
  • I am a healthcare professional who is required to get a fitness to practice evaluation. What is this going to be like?
    A fitness to practice assessment is a 3.5 day process with a multidisciplinary team of 3-5 doctors. You will arrive at our offices, Monday morning at 8:45 am. The first two days involve interviews and comprehensive psychological and cognitive tests. The rest of your time will involve multiple interviews, possibly more tests. Most assessments are done by Thursday mid-morning. Feedback is often provided before you leave. However, occasionally, feedback is delayed for various reason.
  • My case is complicated and the results of an evaluation will be very important to my future. How will Acumen handle it?
    Many who visit us feel this way. Nearly every case that arrives to our office is complex and multifactorial. We understand that the results of our evaluation may be one important part of shaping your future. We are dedicated to providing valid and reliable results that are independent of regulatory authorities, professional health programs, or any other potential influencers. We arrive at our own conclusions. This is a hallmark of forensic psychological work.
  • I have read terrifying reviews and articles on the Internet about unethical evaluation and treatment centers being aligned with regulatory authorities and professional health programs and getting kickbacks. There is also information out there that the results of an evaluation are a forgone conclusion. How do I know that my assessment will not be biased and why are these review out there?
    We understand this is a big concern and are happy to answer this question directly: we are not aligned with anyone. This is the core ethic of forensic and psychological assessment work. However, like you, we occasionally have to provide difficult news that people do not want to hear. For example, every day you often make difficult determinations that will change a person’s life for a season or even permanently. We do, too. Sometimes, you alleviate a person's fears and they move forward with greater insight and better risk management. We are no different. Regarding kickbacks or any other form of corruption, this is unethical and we would never engage in such conduct.
  • I don't live near Acumen Assessments. How will this work logistically?
    Most people fly or drive and arrive in Lawrence, Kansas Sunday afternoon prior to the commencement of their evaluation on Monday. Kansas City International Airport (MCI) is 40 minutes away from Lawrence. We hope you will find our "Your Stay" page helpful in planning your accommodations and visit.
  • How much will this cost?
    Every assessment is unique and designed to meet the needs of the referral question. Cost is something that can be discussed with one of our doctors during the intake conversation.
  • When is payment due and what payment options are there?
    A very modest deposit is collected upon registration to secure your appointment. Then, payment is due in full upon arrival before the assessment begins. As far as payment methods go, we accept all major credit cards, or you can bring a cashiers check made out to Acumen Assessments. Please do not bring cash. We are unable to offer payment plans due to the independent nature of the evaluation process.
  • Will my health insurance cover this?
    Unfortunately, no. The types of evaluations we conduct are not covered by health insurance plans, as they are not considered "medically necessary."
  • How long does it take to get an appointment?
    Not unlike most specialties in the medical field, it can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to acquire an appointment. Occasionally, we can fit people in earlier. Give us a call and we can discuss a timeline.
  • Does Acumen Assessments offer treatment?
    No. Acumen Assessments offers assessment and consultation only. Acumen Institute offers treatment. We purposefully keep assessment and treatment processes separate.
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