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"Where there is great power, there is great responsibility."

-Winston Churchill

Acumen Assessments offers a variety of evaluation services for those serving within a representative democracy, including those serving in the Senate, the House of Representatives, and those in other state and local representative political leadership (i.e., governors or those within the state legislature).  An evaluation of such persons is aimed at identifying objectively observed difficulties and/or concerns raised by others in a strickly confidental manner.  Other times, the individual may refer themselves and keep their current challenge private.

Acumen Assessments is an international provider of specialty assessments for professionals who have authority over, and shoulder significant responsibilities to, the public.  People in positions of power have vulnerabilities.  Those vulnerabilities can foster empathy toward constituents and, at other times, potentially impact sound judgment

and the execution of their duties.  As politicians age above 70, the question of cognitive competency is a reasonable matter to ponder, when taking into consideration that under 14 CFR Part 121, commercial pilots must retire at age 65.


However, other than age and possible cognitive decline, there are other potential remediable challenges that these leaders can face in the course of their career of service including, behavioral problems associated with temperament and personality, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse.

We conduct multidisciplinary assessments with adherence to a process that takes into account multiple levels of analysis to increase the validity of our conclusions and recommendations.  In order to reduce biases at different

levels of analysis, our reputable multidisciplinary evaluations are focused on three goals: 1) to help preserve the safety

and integrity of those whom political leaders serve within their professional capacity (i.e., the public); 2) to help the leader and others involved gain a clear understanding of their predicament; and 3) to define a causal explanation for the presenting challenges that link directly to recommendations for intervention(s), if indicated.

The difficulties that lead to an assessment can vary widely:

  • Challenges associated with aging (i.e., cognitive problems, burnout, etc.)

  • Distress and disruption in the workplace

  • Sexual harassment and misconduct

  • Substance use disorders

  • Undiagnosed or insufficiently treated psychiatric disorders

  • Difficulties with professional role functioning and reputational risk management

  • Ethical lapses


The costs associated with our evaluations vary depending on the scope and type of evaluation needed.  Usually, we consult with the referring party and review any necessary collateral information needed to conduct a proper assessment.

These evaluations are highly confidential.

Referral sources requiring specific details regarding the elements associated with a professional assessment, please schedule a phone appointment with Dr. Graham or Dr. Stacy.

To learn more about undergoing an assessment, please call our office at 785.856.8218 to schedule a phone call with one of our doctors.

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