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Performing Artists and Entertainment Industry Professional Assessments

There's never been a better time to get

to the bottom of things.

Acumen Assessments offers a highly confidential comprehensive assessment process that addresses the intricacies of personality, psychological functioning, and substance use and how these factors affect an individual’s performance, relationships, and ability to navigate the expectations of their profession confidently.  Various difficulties, problems, or impairments in the performing artist, director, director of photography, or executive can disrupt production and associated schedules.  Our multidisciplinary assessment method works to accurately inform our clients and key players about the type, scope, and depth of interventions needed to inform treatment or remediation to put an individual back on track. 


Features of the Assessment:

  • Confidential assessment services are provided in a discreet and secure setting

  • The assessment process is geared toward the unique needs of high-profile individuals

  • Examination of personality, emotional, environmental, historical, and substance use factors

  • Medical evaluation with laboratory tests, when indicated

  • A clearly determined diagnosis (if present) and comprehensive understanding of personality

  • Our comprehensive assessment and consultation include individually tailored recommendations to promote reputation preservation, psychological health, and career stability

The difficulties that lead to an assessment vary widely:

  • Substance use disorders

  • Depression, mood disorders, anxiety, posttraumatic stress

  • Personality factors that erode performance and/or interfere with production

  • Anger management problems

  • Sexual harassment and boundary problems

  • Difficulties with professional role functioning

  • Complex and difficult-to-understand cases

To learn more about undergoing an assessment, please call our office at 785.856.8218 to schedule a phone call with one of our doctors.

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