Performing Artists and Entertainment Industry Professional Assessments

People in the entertainment industry are uniquely capable in their remarkable strength.  However, industry politics, identity/self-esteem problems, reputation challenges, traumatic losses, maturation struggles, and the constant pressure to meet production demands can build to tsunami force.  Any one or two of these stressors can result in downward spirals robbing individuals of the skills, talents, reputation, and accolades to which they have devoted their lives.  Various difficulties, problems or impairments in the performing artist, director, director of photography or executive can heavily disrupt one’s live and production and associated schedules.

Signs and symptoms of burnout, impairment, and career disruption can make their appearance seemingly without notice in anyone’s life.  These include the inability to slow down, anxiety, depression, unethical behavior, the misuse of prescription medications, substance abuse, anger and explosiveness, pathological impatience, irritability, self-destructive use of sex, anorexia, bulimia, the compulsive consumption of material goods or harmful attention-seeking behaviors.  Undiagnosed medical conditions can complicate these difficulties further.  The expression of these symptoms hide a deeper story – one that must be made explicit, clarified, and understood through the process of assessment.

Acumen Assessments offers a highly confidential comprehensive assessment process that addresses the intricacies of personality and psychological functioning and how these factors affect an individual’s performance, relationships, and ability to confidently face the expectations of their profession.  Our multidisciplinary assessment method works to accurately inform our clients and their managers/agents/public relations counselors/family/cast insurance brokers or other key players about the type, scope and depth of interventions needed to inform treatment or remediation to put an individual back on track.  The assessment process also illuminates expected hurdles to treatment and potential risk factors affecting the individual so that there are minimal surprises down the road.

Film and Television Cast/Industry Professional Insurance Evaluations

We also provide an assessment service aimed at informing cast insurance providers/brokers of potential risk factors associated with a performing artist or industry professional’s capacity and fitness to complete and fulfill production requirements and their ability to tolerate stress associated with various types of productions.  These types of assessments are comprehensive, but not aimed at informing treatment.

Features of the Assessment:

  • Confidential assessment services provided in a discreet and secure setting
  • The assessment process is geared toward the unique needs of high-profile individuals
  • Examination of personality, emotional, environmental, historical, and substance use factors
  • Thorough medical evaluation with laboratory tests, when indicated
  • Clearly determined diagnosis and comprehensive understanding of personality (a diagnosis is not provided with cast insurance assessments)
  • Individually tailored recommendations to promote reputation preservation, psychological health, and career stability

To learn more about these types of assessments, please call Carly at 785.856.8218 to schedule a phone call with either Dr. Scott Stacy or Dr. Peter Graham.